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Product Name: Best Fetch Toy for Dogs | Wunderball

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I have a 2 year old flat coated retriever and an 8 year old pit mix who absolutely love these balls. I have a plethora of options when it comes to round toys in the house (some of them squeak, some of them are plush and others have a crinkle noise to them), but my dogs gravitate towards these almost every time they want to play an indoor or outdoor game of fetch. I am also a rover dog sitter and most of my four legged clients love these as well. They are pretty much indestructible and I continually am giving my friends the link to this website so they can buy their furry family members these:) I recommend the large size for dogs that are 30+ pounds! The small size is a bit too small for any of my four legged friends! I highly recommend this product!!

We’ve had our Wunderball for over a year. My lab and a Staffordshire terrier play tug of war with it every night yanking, pulling, nose to nose for an hour. And it still holds up! It’s also great for fetch!

My dogs cannot get tired of this ball and is durable. tennis balls are good but dont last long enough. this is awesome.

I order these for my Goldendoodle that plays fetch all day long! The ball bounces and goes further than any other! I also give them to my friends that have dogs. They are indestructable!

This ball is literally indestructible. Very safe for dogs and a great play toy.

My chessie loves playing fetch everyday and these are great, perfect amount of bounce for a dog that loves to get air time, they are indestructible and the bright colors make them easy for me to find.

Love this as my dogs do but my problem is it is still too small, would love you to make the. Balls at least 4 to 4 1/2 inches or larger. Even your large that I ordered scares me. I am always afraid it will get stuck in my overly enthusiastic pup. I love the bouncing and the softness for my dog but PLEASE make them larger. Maybe an xlarge and xxlarge. Thanks

I have a lot of wacky balls! My dogs love them and the customer service reps are always so kind!

We got our first wacky wunderball when they initially came out. Loved it! However, it dried up and got hard for some reason! I called about it and a kind man sent me TWO new ones of my color choice for free! So awesome. My dog is so happy with her new toys! We need more!

We are a dog boarding/daycare facility and the dogs love them. They are very durable and fun for the dogs.

Our 8 month old husky/spaniel mix is VERY active and loves to play with balls. She’s torn through a golf ball, softball, hardball and a tennis ball. Found the wunderball and basically this thing in indestructable. It’s got a great bounce so you can toss it far and it floats! She absolutely loves it!

My 10 pound Chihuahua mix kept eating tennis balls and after going through a dozen of those plus several other balls I stumbled across this product Purchased one small to try and within the first day I immediately turned around and bought two more because finally there was something my dog couldn’t destroy because this product is exactly as stated Works perfect for me and my dog happiness

Reached out to customer support about my order and had a prompt response – A+ for customer support

My dogs LOVE these balls. They’re indestructible, brightly colored (so they are more likely o see/find them and less likely to lose them : ) And they bounce in wacky directions making fetch even more fun. Thanks!

Ball is much smaller than expected little worried to use them we have two labs

Bought this ball for my labs…. with no great response. Then our new Shepherd arrived and she takes this with her wherever she goes and now the labs think this is the best fetch toy ever‼️

My dog loves this ball!!! She plays with it for hours!!! Highly recommended if you have an English bulldog! ❤️

I LOVE these balls. They bounce a tiny bit irregular so they can have a little jag to it’s bounce and roll. This is one of the reasons it’s fun to throw around with my dog. It’s because of their unique shape. It’s like someone just formed a ball out of sand and pressed it tight, together. I love the fact that there is a teeth cleaning element to them as well. I will never buy tennis type balls again. They break, and the dogs can tear the felt off the balls. The Wunderball always maintain it’s shape and there is nothing to shed or shred. I live in Oregon and while I was visiting in Savannah, Georgia I found these Wunderballs at a local pet store. I bought two. Now I’ve ordered on line twice. That’s not because they wear out, but because we play way more ball now and they get lost on our two acres. I always want to make sure I have plenty on hand. I recently bought the orange and pink balls. I think I’ll stick with those colors as it appears they will show up better that the purple and green I bought before. There is not a lot of difference between the pink and orange so it’s not necessary to buy the two colors like I did. I think I will just stick to orange in the future. The only dog ball I will buy from now on!!

my order is on the way back to you….. I was sent the wrong size..
im afraid my 110 pound shepherd can’t use the small balls that were send.
this will be the second time I’ve purchased this product, I like the product, I wish it was shipped correctly.

My lab loves this toy! I was looking for an alternative to Tennis Balls. THIS IS THE ANSWER! We played with it all day and he hasn’t torn it up like he does with tennis balls. There are punctures from his teeth but it is still all intact! Will definitely be buying another one (or several :D)!

Finn is a Goldendoodle puppy and full of energy. He loves the wacky way it bounces and keeps him interested.

My dogs love these balls, especially my 80 pound chocolate lab puppy! He normally destroys everything, but not this ball!! It seems that all my friends on IG have them too! If your pup doesn’t have one or four, he’s missing out!! Definitely the best ball ever!!!

I’ll start out by saying I am a professional dog trainer for two companies. One of which is a non-profit where we rescue dogs from shelters and train them to be service dogs for veterans with PTSD and TBI. We house the dogs for 12 to 18 months during training and a lot of them destroy toys very quickly.
I ordered 4 of these Wunderballs about a month ago and each one is still perfectly intact. That is pretty good for the level of use they get on a daily basis. All of the dogs love them. The little imperfections around the ball make it bounce quite unpredictably. This keeps play sessions fun and mentally stimulating! It may take your dog a bit to become acclimated to the texture of the ball but stick with it and they will get the hang of it.
Overall one of the best products I’ve used for though chewers. Another plus is they float so if your dog likes to play in the water it is also a great ball for that.
I’ve recommended this to many of my clients and all of them have been very happy with it.

My dog LOVES this ball and is very bouncey and fun for her. Great customer service as well

Our Goldens love these wunderballs so much, that we’ve had to buy two of every color they offer! They love every color and even switch depending on their mood of the day. During a recent order, I noticed a small discrepancy and contacted customer service. A real person answered the phone, with no robo prompts, and quickly offered a solution without delay! Thank you so much, and our Goldens thank you as well!

My German Shepherd, Precious LOVES to play ball. We were using tennis balls and they kept getting destroyed, time and time again. We found out about this ball, bought it and it’s still alive a year later! It bounces really good and high. Precious has yet been able to break it apart, even after all this time. It’s the best ball we have found!!

WOW! My dog loves to fetch and this is the toy for him. Traditionally, he goes through toys, usually in a few hours of receiving them; however, he does not like toys that are hard. These balls are soft and bounce in different directions. This action keeps him focused on his fetching. The biggest notable item is that the balls are DURABLE! We had the balls for over two weeks now, we played fetch for more than an hour everyday and there is no wear or tear noticed on the ball! (As a result of playing fetch everyday, my arm is getting in shape and I am rethinking a career in Major League Baseball, HAHAHA! I recommend these balls to any dog owner whose dogs love to paly ball!

Our 60 lb, 16 month old border retriever loves the two Wunder balls that I bought for him. I wasn’t sure what size to get, so I bought a medium and a large. Either one was just as enjoyable, but the medium will fit the Chuckit thrower. I’ll give the larger one to our granddog, who is an 80 lb golden retriever, who destroys ordinary balls. I’m curious to see how long the Wunderball will last with him.

We got SM and MD! Want More! They’re bouncy, good for inside and outside! They can chew and chew and chew and it might shrink a bit, but it won’t pop! They are durable, bright colors and super fun! My jack russell loves them and jumps everytime I reach for one. Highly recommended!

I wish I could show you just how much my girl loves her Wunderball! Harley, my Great Dane, has never been so unbelievably excited and loved any toy as much her bright pink Wunderball! We love it’s crazy bounces, and she loves playing catch! Thank you! Most definitely will be getting another!
Harley & Morgan
(Our IG is @mygreatdane365)
Thank you guys!

Our two dogs–border collie and Pit mixed love these. Our pit carries one around all the time and loves to chase them outside.

We have only had our WUNDERballs for a few days, but Moose already LOVES them!!! He picks the one he wants to play with. We bought 2 small (green and purple) and 2 medium (pink and yellow). I prefer the brighter colors outside. They are easier to spot in the grass. Either size is good for a Jack Russell Terrier. These are great because Moose enjoys eating the fuzz off of his tennis balls. This lets us play without the distractions or fear. Way to go! We will be purchasing more. Check out all the fun we have been having with them on his Instagram page @moosethewhiningdog

My dog loves this ball. He sits there and just chomps on it and enjoys chasing it too!

Love this ball! My 1 year old lab Apollo absolutely loves it as well!! Shipping was fast and so far it’s holding up to all our playing and Apollo really knows how to chew! So happy we found this! Thank you Wacky Walkr!!!

This ball is not only amazing but the company as well. I made a little mistake when ordering and they were more than accommodating and so gracious when responding to concerns. I would definitely recommend for their products and customer service!

Our dog is OBSESSED with this ball. We lost our last one, and the time it took between losing it and getting the new one almost killed him. He carries one of these around with him at all times. I just hate I didn’t see the Buy 3, Get 1 Free offer because I would have bought one more in a heart beat. Can’t have too many of these on hand!

Great quality. My dog goes crazy over the wunderball. She always has it in her mouth. She loves it so much we just ordered 3 more plus the free one. Obsessex. Highly recommend

Great quality. My dog goes crazy over the wunderball. She always has it in her mouth. She loves it so much we just ordered 3 more plus the free one. Obsessex. Highly recommend

This ball is the absolute best! Our pup LOVES this ball as much as we do! love the bounce, love the fact that she cant tear it apart & of course i love the joy she gets out of it! Plus side is the bright colors. Makes it easy for us to find in the yard. This is a must buy toy! highly recommend! shipping was fast & love the locally made products!

My dog loves this! I would give this five stars, but the terrible customer service I received when it was late arriving for Christmas without even an apology prevented that star. True, it was shipped the next day with several days to arrive before Christmas and the post office was closed. But at Christmas a person doesn’t want to hear “you didn’t pay for overnight” is hurtful. This person answered the phone on Christmas Eve and claimed they were closed, but happened to come into the office. Why answer the phone?

While I’m over cancer, I’ve been going through a horrible long term recovery due to all the chemo, radiation and transplant that it required. So my girl morkie Daisy Mae and I spend a great deal of time together, often just keeping each other company. I wanted to buy her the best gift I could (not that she would get this concept), and heard about these Wünderballs some time ago. They are a bit pricy compared to getting Chuck-It tennis balls, so I chewed it over for some time and then finally bought WACKYwalk’r four for the price of three. Well it was a good deal and the quality is fantastic.

But the real judge is my 13 lb. companion, who thinks these are the best toy since The Happy Camper. What she especially likes is they are sized to her mouth. They are just a little spongy which makes chewing quite satisfying she says, and yet after a week I can’t find a tooth mark let alone damage. They do float, and being natural rubber they bounce almost like the old fashioned Super 8 Balls we had as kids. The colors are great – Daisy and I are partial to the bright green. You can’t go wrong giving this as a gift to your best friend.

Great durable toy for my dogs. I have a Cairn Terrier and a Jack Russell. My Cairn will destroy tennis balls within minutes, but so far the Wunderball has held up as advertised. They both love the soft texture of this ball and it’s bounciness. I was not sure which size to get them so I ordered both the Small and the Medium. They like both, When I order more, I’ll get all small. The Medium is fine, but it gives more leverage for chewing on vs the small. When I placed my order, this product was out of stock and it took a little longer to get, but well worth the wait.

I’ve been on a quest to find the perfect ball to replace my dog’s favorite ball that she lost. I think this ball is it!

We ordered a yellow one in size large. It arrived the other day and we immediately tested it out. My dog Maple (a 45-pound English Shepherd) loved this ball. It’s got good bounce, it feels solid and durable without being heavy, and it’s brightly colored so it’s easy for her to see in the grass. I haven’t tried it out in the water yet (we will soon) but I feel like it will float well. I can definitely see this becoming her new favorite, and it feels like it will last a long time!

My only complaint is that the tag was attached to the ball with a plastic tab, with one end stuck in the ball. I was luckily able to pull it out and get the whole plastic tab out (without a piece breaking off inside the ball,) but I suspect not everyone would be so lucky. I’d recommend attaching the tag in a different way so no pokey plastic bits can get stuck inside the ball.

My little 13 lb Westie just got her ball and loves, loves it. A couple of points I wish the tags were not attached with this plastic things that go on with a gun you cannot get the whole plastic out of the ball. Also I bought a small and a medium and the small one is too small for her she couldn’t swallow it but she tried to growl with it in her mouth and then kind of gagged. Customer Service is wonderful called and asked if it was OK to change my colour. How nice is that Will buy some more for my daughters dogs.

We have 3 dogs in our house. Two are avid chewers and the most avid chewer had a hole in the ball within 5 minutes. I had to take it away from him before he destroyed it. I was really excited about it so I am going to give it to a friend who’s dog is good about not destroying his toys in hopes that he will enjoy it. It is not safe to leave unsupervised in my house, he has already put a dent in a Kong toy…

My dog seems to love the extreme bounce and slightly unpredictable path. The bright colors make it super easy to find, whether it’s in grass, dirt, mud, whatever. My dog isn’t so obsessed with the balls that he wants to chew them all day, though, which is great, because he can pop and shred tennis balls within minutes and chuckit balls within a day without trying. I’m thinking these wunderballs will last a while! Now I just need to find a chuckit that can hold them…

I ordered 4 of these for our puppy who is 3 1/2 months old (2 medium and 2 large). He is a mix of German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever. He loves the medium sized one so far. I am going to withhold the large size until he grows up more (probably a few months). These balls arrived is moist condition with instructions to let it sit out for a few days before play time. The balls bounce extremely well and float if they land in the pool. Since our dog is still a puppy we are being careful that he does NOT use this as a chew toy… we just redirect him to something else for his teething. Best purchase so far for a ball!

I have a 100 pound pit bull, a toy crazy shepherd mix, a doberman, and a group of little dogs. I’ve had one of these balls for 2 weeks, and though its looking a little rough around the edges its still intact. The pit bull is one of those dogs who’s joy lies in destroying toys and he has chewed on this for hours, without being able to destroy it. They love it. I am going to order more as soon as I can, this is so much better than tennis balls that last only a day or two unless the pit gets to them, in which case they pop as soon he puts them in his mouth. This is the only ball I am ever getting again for the bigger dogs.

My Rottweiler absolutely loves her 3 Wunderballs. I like the way the ball changes shape when she chews on it.being NON-TOXIC is a big plus. When we play fetch the ball bounces in random trajectories, which she loves.

Great toy! It bounces only a little bit erratically, it still will move in a straight line if you throw it with some force. My puppy loves it. She’s 25 lbs so I got the medium. The only downside is that the ball is probably 1/2″ too big for her to chew on comfortably. Otherwise she love chasing it and bringing it back so I can throw again.

What I would LOVE to see is a bone-shaped toy made out of the same material. I think that would be a win for the company and I know more than a few people aside from me who would buy it.

Jethro loves his wunderball, He is a chewer and did take a small piece out of it. He chases it around and loves the crazy bounces. He weighs about 55 lbs. I got him the medium, but will go with the large the next time.

I have a 9lb chihuahua/terrier mix I cannot seem to calm down or stop chewing. This ball has been a gift from above. She chews on it, chases after it on her own (super bouncy), and yes, eventually takes a nap with it. I’m buying more for the office and to keep in our dog park bag. I can see how a smaller mouthed dog may not do so well with this, but my little “beast” seems to handle it like a champ. For her, any smaller, it’d be a goner.

Our 19 month old boxer loves this ball. She chases it all over the house. It gives her a lot of entertainment!!! Worth it right there.

I have a 1-year-old border collie mix, and she is extremely active and loves chewing toys up. She loves chasing tennis balls, but if left alone, she’ll methodically tear them apart and eat the fuzz. The wunderball has been amazing for us – she absolutely loves chasing it around our apartment or the park, and she can chew on it without causing any damage (although we haven’t left her unsupervised with it yet). This is definitely the best ball & fetch toy we’ve seen so far, and Riley loves it! I’d definitely recommend this ball to anyone.

This toy is very funny, for my dachshund but above all for me!!!!

LOVE this product! I have a Golden Retriever, and he tears up every tennis ball. The Wunder Ball is truly indestructible, we both love it!

I bought the ball hoping it truly was a toy my dog could not destroy immediately. I have an Australian Shepard puppy and at first she showed no interest in the ball. Then after I encouraged her to play with the ball she proceeded to shred it. The only thing I have found that this puppy can’t destroy in a matter of minutes is hoofs and stuffed bones. I have heard not to let them have hooves so we are down to only having stuffed bones. I do buy her toys still knowing that they will be destroyed immediately. She even destroys kongs. The Wunderball is too expensive to buy and destroy immediately. Probably is an ok ball for a moderate chewer.

My Chihuahua mixes cannot hold it in their mouths (9 and 16-pounders). Should consider making it in a smaller size so the little guys can join in the fun!

Our terrier mix mutt has shredded every other ball she has had, but not this one! She loves to fetch it and will bring it back and drop it so we will throw it again. And she will play with it herself. And it doesn’t appear that she will be able to destroy it. Very impressed!

We purchased this for our five month old shihtzu hoping it would deter her from chewing everything from the wall to the base boards to paper and whatever else she can find. This has been a lifesaver for our house. She loves this ball and chews on it all of the time. She loves how it bounces it is thrown and chases it until she is worn out! Thank you for helping to make our baby girl so happy!

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Click here to get Best Fetch Toy for Dogs | Wunderball at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Best Fetch Toy for Dogs | Wunderball is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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